5 Unique Dreamcatcher Designs That Are Magically Stunning

5 Unique Dreamcatcher Designs That Are Magically Stunning

More than the hippy and chic vibes it emanates comes a cultural value of dreamcatchers that is rooted from very ancient civilizations in America and Canada. We know that this handicraft of the past is used to attract good dreams and filter the bad ones. The tribes from where it originated strongly believe that it is a protection for individuals and families from bad elements when sleeping. These negative elemental forces invade one through dreams. Thus, the birth of dreamcatchers.

Across history, dreamcatcher has gone through different versions and designs. You may have seen some of them from Pinterest for home and bedroom decors, parties and events and even some Coachella approved statement accessories that are so inspiring and beautiful. Worry not about getting yourself one because you can make your own​.

Here are five stunning dreamcatcher designs to inspire you to create your very own to keep bad dreams at bay or spider-web filtered in this case.

No. 1 Charming Crystal Beads

We know, you love the boho vibes of the time-honored dreamcatcher designs, but this piece ups your creativity by incorporating colored crystal beads and the Mandala design.

Instead of a weaved spiderweb pattern, the center of the hoop is inspirited with a Mandal a artwork, which represents another cultural artform. This is an interesting alternative to the web design since a Mandala also represents our deep connections with the material and nonmaterial things in life like the celestial bodies, our family and friends and Mother Nature among all others. 

This does not clash or is farfetched from the origins of dreamcatchers since aside from a representation of our deep relations with our natural environment, the Mandala also gives positive disposition because the Aztecs believe that these have healing powers.

You can complete this dreamcatcher theme with earthly colored beads in green, blue, red and orange hues. According to some beliefs, a single bead in the center of the supposed web shows the spider that created it. But if these beads hang on the dreamcatcher, this now embodies the good dreams caught during the night.

No. 2 Dreamy Crescent Moon

Another unique design that is as otherworldly is the crescent moon-shaped unfinished hoop with dangling feathers.

A peculiar element of this design is that the hoop does not come full circle, which deviates from the classic dreamcatcher pattern. In its place is a piece of a bent twig with weaved strings creating a form of a crescent moon.​

Some cultures believe that the hoop or ring of the dreamcatcher is a symbol of the ‘circle of life’. With a crescent moon, the dreamcatcher becomes more meaningful. Cultural and religious backdrops chronicle that the crescent moon is attributed to Artemis (or Diana in Roman mythology), who is said to protect a newborn child. Incorporating this intriguing symbol into the dreamcatcher will not wholly alter the essence of it, rather it gives a different protective net. 

The beautiful feathers below the ring are where the good dreams slide through. You ask why it should specifically be feathers? The Native Americans believe that these are soft enough for the dreams to easily drift to you while sleeping. It is in contrast to the web of strings inside the ring (or the one forming the moon) that catches the bad ones.

No. 3 Night Owl

The beautiful feathers below the ring are where the good dreams slide through. You ask why it should specifically be feathers? The Native Americans believe that these are soft enough for the dreams to easily drift to you while sleeping. It is in contrast to the web of strings inside the ring (or the one forming the moon) that catches the bad ones.

The beauty of creating dreamcatchers is that you can unleash your inner artist by customizing and recreating a design that speaks to you, like this night owl in pastel colors.

​As enchanting as it looks, this is a simple design using the two small dreamcatchers connected to form the night owl. There are other animal designs to inspire you to create one. But, a night owl is also special because of its majestic symbolism of wisdom and ability to uncover the unknown.

The feathers are described as the veil that brings in the good dreams with its soft ladders for the good dreams to come down to the asleep you. Surprisingly, the feathers used by the Ojibwe tribe are that of an owl and eagle. The owl feathers are for wisdom and the eagle's feathers for bravery. It is also placed dangling to keep an infant Ojibwe entertained. Just like the hanging toys from a baby’s crib.

Aside from getting rid of nightmares, this will also lift your inner self to see the behind the elements that are guised as good, but in truth brings negative vibes. This ensures that you still have that good night’s sleep.

No. 4 Teardrop Hoop

Traditional dreamcatchers, especially those from the Ojibwe culture, does not have a perfect circle hoop. It instead has a teardrop shaped ring, where the web is weaved.

The Ojibwe are amongst the tribe found in America and Canada is one of the first creators of the dreamcatcher. In their history, dreamcatchers are made by mothers as a protective shield for their newborn babies. For this tribe, dreams hold a great value as they consider this as a prophecy of the future for their tribe. It is only fitting that the ones to be dreamt by them are only the positive and good visions that hold their fate.

The feather hanging below the ring also comes from their traditional dreamcatcher designs. It is a symbol of air, a fundamental element of life. As for the web, it should be connected 8 times to the hoop or ring to represent the eight legs of the spider creating the web.​

But, with modernity it the web has become more complex and added with different elements (like the gemstones and beads). Having these weaved into the web creates more value with its different symbols and meaning in our culture. For instance, gems can be a representation of one’s birth, personality and the vibes it attracts.

No. 5 Sweet Florals

A dreamcatcher infused with sweet and colorful florals, that oozes elegance, beauty, and power.

​This dreamcatcher design is rejuvenated with lively-colored blooms in red pink and orange (but you can also choose other colors that suit you better). We all know that pretty blossoms bring about different meaning and emotions. Thus, having them around the hoops of your dreamcatcher not only produce freshness, but also stir emotions associated with the flowers used.

Instead of having feathers dropping below the ring, this design used threads and strings with miniature round and flower shapes. It adds to the overall feel of femininity and refreshing energy that only flowers could bring. A good representation of our oneness with nature.​

Apparently, this is a deviation from the original design that is earthier in character, which some Native Americans believed to ‘misappropriate’ the traditions. You may have seen that floral designed dreamcatchers have been gaining popularity. Thus, showing how modern societies change the representation of dreamcatchers to be decorative designs.

But I still believe that this innovation is an expression of oneself and not to destroy its very essence. In fact, it carries with it an unconventional symbol for the dreamcatchers. With its traditional representation, it is now added with the symbolism of blooms when hanged at home or in bedrooms.

Final Thought

What we’ve shared with you are patterns that will not only be a symbolism for catching positive energies or portents of good events, but also as a charming addition to your already wonderful personal haven, a place you call home. These are some of the exciting and interesting ways to design a dreamcatcher for your next creative projects. Maybe you can comment your own DIY project and share the experience with us and fellow readers!​

If you enjoyed reading through, let us know by placing your comments below. You can also add your own interesting designs to inspire other readers.​

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