What is the Difference between Knitting and Crocheting?

    As children of craft and creativity, crochet and knitting can be considered close siblings (Yes! Not even cousins). Both have intimate similarities with its looping and knotting techniques. But, they also have distinct characteristics that will produce different types of fabric.

    For beginners, we will help you decide which method is most suited to your needs and preference. This post will also be helpful for old knitters or crocheters to decide whether they want to venture into knitting or crocheting as the case may be.

    Here are the things to help you determine what is the difference between knitting and crocheting.

    1. Disparity with the Tools

    Imagine your mom or grandmother working on your Christmas sweater. Can you identify the tool they used? Was it a hook or needles? You can easily spot the difference between knitting and crocheting with the tools and equipment used.

    If your Mama or Granny was using a hook, then they were crocheting. In crochet, you only need a single hook to create a project. While some may use the term crochet needles, it is actually a hook at the end or both ends.

    The stitching and techniques in crocheting involve looping the yarn together to form the desired pattern. Thus, the hook is used to pull the yarn creating connected knots.

    With knitting, the tools are totally different since it will require two needles and sometimes machines. For hand knitting, the two needles are held by each hand, the other containing the open stitches, while the second needle will be used to loop the yarn.

    Unlike the crochet hook, there are knitting needles that are connected at the rear ends called the circular needle. It also comes in separated options. But, knitting will still require you to use two needles in order to complete your project.

    Some use knitting machines to make work easier and faster. There now lies the difference with crochet because the latter can only be done by hand.

    2. Stitches and Technique Differ Too

    Looking at the finished product, you cannot easily point out if the hat or sweater was made through knitting and crochet. But, knowing the stitches will help you determine the difference between knitting and crocheting

    While knitting, you create a V form with several open stitches from both needles. That is, you are working with pre-opened stitches where it can be looped using the other needle to create another row of hoops or open stitches to complete the pattern you are following or. Thus, stitches are usually with a made from left to right.

    In contrast, crocheting will only need a single active hoop or an open stitch where you can loop with the rest of the yarn using the single hook. Whether you loop the yarn once or more, the stitches can be created by looping them together.

    You will have to start again creating another active hoop to form the design and pattern (for example an afghan or sweater). There is no transfer from side to side, but simply create patterns through hoops.

    The complexity of tools and the method of creating stitches are some reasons why crafters may find knitting complex than crocheting because of the stitching methods. 

    On top of it, with a few open stitches, one mistake will require you to backtrack several knits and hoops. Meanwhile, with crocheting, since you are working on one stitch at a time, you will only need to unravel one hoop or stitch.

    Here is a short video to illustrate what’s the difference between knitting and crocheting.

    3. Distinctness of the Look and Feel

    We’ve mentioned above, that you cannot easily recognize the method used from the output. But, as you now know the kind of stitches of each method, you can instantly see the peculiarity from the look and feel of the material.

    The fabric produced from knitting is thinner than that of the crochet fabric even if these are about the same size. With crocheting, each stitch is locked, so it will appear bulkier or puffier.

    Thus, the output produced will feel heavier and thicker then worn especially if these are worn. If you look closely, the fabric will have tiny square-ish patterns or knots to make up the rows of the produced fabric.

    Compared to the fabric produced by knitting, it is a relatively thinner because of how the yarn and looped and stitched together. Consequently, the fabric feels light and thinner when worn. Also, by simply looking at the fabric, you will notice the tiny ‘V’s formed creating the rows of the fabric.

    Because the stitches are not locked or knotted with individual loops, fabric from knitting are more elastic than that of crocheted fabric. Thus, this makes knitting more suitable for items that are worn like gloves, socks and some even preferred knitted sweaters. It now makes crocheted products for decorative items like afghans.

    But of course, this does not mean that you cannot crochet your way to making mittens or sweaters. It’s just that knitted items are more elastic in character. You don’t need to worry very much whether it won’t fit, especially when given as gifts.

    But They are Closely Similar

    Although knitting and crochet are different in certain ways, they are also similar in some.

    Both methods, knitting and crocheting use yarn. You can even use yarn of the same thickness or size depending on your preferences because crochet hooks and knitting needles have different sizes to choose from. Thus, you don’t have to concern yourself very much about the needles not holding up to the yarn.

    Although there are products that are suited for one of the two methods, both can very well be used to create wearable and decor items. Thus, whether you want an afghan, furniture covers or to gift sweaters and mittens, you can either choose to do it through knitting or crocheting.

    Kathryn Vercillo from The Spruce also pointed out that the skills required for are somehow the same. Aside from creativity and imagination, you will need coordination with hands and eye, project planning and love for fabrics.

    We’re you as surprised as us on how different and the same knitting and crocheting can be? They produce items are looks very much alike. But, these actually create different fabric appearances, thickness and even feel.

    We’ve also been awed that we can determine its difference with the tools and equipment used, which are like used for different looping techniques that differentiate knitting from crocheting.

    If you need clarifications, questions or comments, we’ll be happy to hear from you. Just placed it in the comment box below.

    Good luck on your project!


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