7 Creative Old Refrigerator Ideas For A Better Home

    At some point, we got tired of how our homes, which are looking so cluttered that it ends up giving us bad vibes. If you are looking for ways to organize your haven, just head out to your basement or shed. Your shed or storage room is a gold mine for home redecorating materials!

    If you happen to find an old refrigerator, then this article is one for you. Yes, an old refrigerator can be converted into different storage ideas. It can make your homes superb and functional at the same time. Now, you can start redecorating and organizing with these creative old refrigerator ideas.

    If you cannot find any fridge at home, just head out to your local junkyard as they will have one for you.

    1. Bookshelf and File Organizer

    Your office or study space may be the last place you want to stay in with all your tasks and whatnot waiting to be done. You don’t have to feel repulsed with your work area if you revamp it into something that will inspire you to be productive.

    An organized and well-designed workstation is believed to improve your productivity. A hack you can do is to make the space stylish and organized by repurposing your old refrigerator.

    An old fridge in itself is used to organize our food and beverages. So it already has many compartments. Instead of placing edibles the refrigerator, you can house your books, documents, files and even boxes of office supplies.

    You can repaint the external body to fit the overall look of your workstation. In the same manner, you can redesign the internal layout of the fridge to make it more functional and interesting. Now, there is no need to buy additional cabinets or filling your area with plastic containers.

    2. Planter or a Mini Garden

    Your old refrigerator does not always have to belong to the junkyard. Armed with your creativity, you can make use of your green thumb to reuse an old refrigerator as a planter or a small garden. Depending on the plants you want to grow, the old fridge can accommodate a good number of them especially if your fridge is a regular sized or a large one.

    A good way to transform your refrigerator into a garden is to place pots of flowering plants of different colors. It will create a colorful mini garden. Aside from flowers, you can also have aromatic or fragrant blooms and plants. These perennials leave a wonderful scent into your home, while also beautifying it.

    The old fridge can also be a planter itself. You just have to create a plant bed with soil and other necessities. This project can also grow vegetables.

    As a finishing touch, decorate your planter or garden with paint or stickers to make it more beautiful.

    3. Ice Chest

    Even without electricity for power, you can use to your old refrigerator for cooling beverages and food. How? You can redesign and repurpose an old refrigerator into an ice chest-slash-table to make backyard parties extra stylish and convenient.

    The body of the refrigerator is suited to cooling and freezing. Thus, it is not surprising that you can still cool your food and beverages even without its motors. It is a perfect addition to your lawn or backyard decorations that is also very functional. This recycling idea helps you from needing several coolers while having an outdoor party.

    There are numerous ways you can design your ice chest. The one shown in photo is just an idea inspiration. You can make use of the entire fridge or a portion of it depending on your preference.

    You can paint or cover the old fridge with wood (as seen in the photo) to suit the outdoor feel. It can also be designed to fit party themes or your lawn landscape. The compartments can be modeled to fit different food or even your barbecue tools.

    4. Pantry

    Another way to save your old refrigerator is to convert it into a pantry cabinet. Dry goods such as cereal, powdered products, canned food, and condiments can be organized inside the refrigerator. The good thing about this is that it will make the kitchen look less cluttered. With the door, it will keep these items hidden behind it.

    It can also be safety storage for the food. The breakable products are prevented from easily falling off the shelf. While it cal also keeps pests or your pets from reaching the treats and making a mess.

    Another thing we like about repurposing old refrigerator is because of its large storage. It can fit as much stuff from your kitchen. You can recreate a shelf of as many layers as you want. Now, you can store all your food items.

    This project definitely allows you to be creative. The old fridge can be painted or redesigned with any decorating ideas you have.

    5. Wardrobe

    What’s more chic and fashionable than storing your fashion items in a vintage refrigerator? Since the crazy design is all the rage these days, you can create your own unconventional storage space for your prized possessions.

    Sometimes our clothes cannot fit into our wardrobe (thanks to mall sales) that we have to buy another wardrobe. You can cut your expenses but reuse your old refrigerator and make it into a closet for clothes. A project that is practical and economical too.

    Refrigerators are large enough for you to install a hanger holder. Like a regular closet, it can be used to hang clothes and not just the folded ones. The two-door feature makes is ideal for your clothes. You can separate the undies and socks from your shirts and pants. It organizes your clothes, while also making it convenient for you to locate them.

    If you are thinking of ways to add more storage while also redecorating your room, this is a project you would want to consider.

    6. Cabinet

    If your closet is big enough to accommodate your clothes, you still don’t have to throw away your old refrigerator. Instead, make it into a craft station, where you place all your craft and DIY materials.

    It can hold papers, stickers, wrappers, ribbons and a lot of tools. The recycled refrigerator is as we repeatedly pointed out is big and has numerous compartments. Thus, it can fit your craft materials and organize them as well.

    You can make it fun and exciting by labeling each compartment. It will be convenient to locate tools and materials, while also making it easy to return them.

    This idea can also be filled with your children’s toys. It will be a good and enticing training for them to keep their things arranged.

    7. Pet’s House

    Via Y-Town

    You can finally adopt a pet after transforming your old refrigerator into a pet’s house. There are many ways you can recreate it. Your imagination and creativity are the only things you need.

    A fridge has a good size for small or big pets and even house several of them. Your pet can live like royalty by having the cubicles with different uses (seen on photo). It can be a bed, storage for food, an eating area and even as a potty.

    Via Y-Town

    You can remove the door and replace it with grills or just leave it completely open. The fridge is also elevated to it keeps the pets from the ground. It is useful during rain as it will keep them dry.

    Final Thought

    Did you enjoy reading our list? We hope you had fun as we did while creating them.

    Now you have a lot of options on how to organize your home to make it a better place for you and your family. It may seem hard project, but you always have your family to help you out.

    These ideas are only a few of the many things we can do with old refrigerator. Let us know of more crazy ideas. And Show us how your project has turned out. We would like to hear what you’ve learned so we can also use that learning for our next project

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