5 Inexpensive Designs On How to Build a PVC Pipe Garden

    Gardening and recycling have a lot of things in common, but what we love the most is that it pushed us to be greener and more creative. We’ve recently discovered an ingenious and functional way to marry recycling and gardening with the use of PVC pipes.

    This project will not require you to buy, or if purchases are necessary, it will only come very cheap. You just have to get some old PVC pipes and plan out an artistic PVC pipe garden design. This project helps you not only to be creative, but also to make your home environmentally-friendlier, functional and more beautiful.

    Here are five ideas to inspire you.

    1. Hanging Pipes Garden

    No lawn? That is not a problem! If you love gardening but does not have a lawn to grow your plants, a hanging PVC pipe planter is a very good alternative. It can be placed both indoors or outdoors without occupying too much of your space.

    The advantage of this project design is that it gives you the liberty to choose the size and design that you want for your project. Some of you may only want a small portion of your space to be converted into a garden. Thus, you can cut the pipes into smaller pieces depending on how you want to design it.

    You are also not limited to the kind of flower or plant that you want to go. But, in a single stack, you need to make sure that the plants are either all for indoor or outdoor. It will be difficult to maintain if the plants have different care requirements.

    Don’t limit yourself to the blue or white color of the pipes. You can paint and design to make a stunning mini garden.

    2. Pipe Vegetable Cage

    For the chefs and chefs at heart, having your own vegetable garden is always on top of your wish list. To help you with the healthy growth of your vegetables, make sure that you have a strong support structure for them. You ask why? Vegetables are plants that can easily grow so high that maintaining them can become a challenge. Thus, a cage is necessary.

    We’ve found that PVC pipes are one of the low-cost, but sturdy materials to create a cage. Since PVC pipes are built to be attached and connected, it will be easy to form the cage. You just have to purchase couplings to the connecting pipes. These materials have multiple ends that allow you to create different designs.

    You can also choose the thickness of your pipes depending on the support you need for your vegetables. The length of the pipes can also be snipped according to the length of your patch.

    For the fun part, the pipe can be painted and decorated for an alluring garden.

    3. Pipe Garden Tower

    If you have elbow pipes lying around, you can stack them up and create a pipe garden tower. A pipe tower is another means for you to have a garden with limited space. It will only need a strip of your floor area as it is propped upwards.

    Elbow pipes are best for growing several individual plants since it already has holes in it. You are, however, limited to small plants or those that do not grow too big. The pipes itself has minimal space such that it can only cater to smaller plants.

    The size limitation should not hinder you from gardening because there are numerous choices for you in your local market. You will be surprised at how many you can choose from flowering to succulents to houseplants. It will just require you to be patient and creative. To help you out, ask the local gardener if you are a first timer.

    4. Planter sleeves

    Planter sleeves are not the actual box or pot where you place the soil and the plant. These, however, are used like a vase that will elevate the plants. Like the hanging planter, this can be placed inside or outside the homes. Thus, apartment or condominium owners can recreate this idea.

    This idea is perfect to give a point of emphasis in your garden. That is, the garden will not look flat and unexciting since there is dynamism or visual movements. The plants are lifted to different heights so as to showcase them properly and will not just look like a clump of wide flowers. The idea is especially suited for decorative plants.

    The design is, however, suited for round planters. As such, you need to place your plants in round containers. What you can do is choose the pipes with a wide diameter to fit in the pots or planters. You can cut the pipes into varying lengths.

    5. Vertical Pipe Garden

    You’ve seen the hanging pipes and the pipe elbow garden. Now, this design is another of its kind but opening up holes on the pipe for the plants to grow. This is a perfect decor placed in the corners of your home.

    Plants grow up different and the support for it has a large impact on its growth. As plants will always find a way to spread out, opening holes around the pipes create wonderful effects once the flower bloom (see the photo). We suggest that you use this design to create home decors since the movement of the plant is upwards. It only needs a small amount of space.

    For this design, flowering plants is the most suited because you only see the tips of the plant.

    Final Thought

    Viola! All these five designs are surprisingly easy and cheap to do. All you need is to bring out your creative energy and some pipes too. During the weekend, hit the local market and get some gardening materials to build a useful and practical work of art.

    Drawing can also be a diversion to avoid committing ‘mistakes’ when your mind run aimlessly. You just need the right mindset, your imagination and a pen and paper.

    Looking for ways to smartly make use of our extra time is always a fun experience for us as much as doing it. We hope that you also enjoyed these ideas and motivated you to do some. If you find this helpful share it with your friends to inspire them to build a green home.

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