What to Do With Empty Liquor Bottles (5 Exciting Ideas)

    Sometimes we have the tendency to hoard our liquor bottles “for future use.” If you are like us, then your storage may be brimming with various bottles stacked since the day you found your parent’s stash. The “future” that you conveniently forget about is actually now. You may have several of them to do all five techniques on what to do with empty liquor bottles.

    1. Turn Them Into Hand Soap Dispenser

    With a dispensing pump and your empty liquor bottle, you’ll have a hand soap dispenser that will give luxury hotels a run for their money. Yes, it is that sleek!

    Compared to the generic plastic soap bottles, this idea gives you a luxurious home atmosphere. A plus to this technique is that it is cheap or does not even have extra expenses. On top of it, it is very painless to do.

    All you have to do is transfer your hand soap into the liquor bottle. A pro tip we can give to you is that you have to completely empty it out and clean the bottle before pouring the soap.

    If you have plenty bottles, you can make one for every bathroom and your kitchen. It helps with organizing stuff at home by cleaning used bottles while giving a new look to your home.

    2. Make Bedside Lamps From Them

    Making bedside lamps is an advance technique to repurpose your liquor bottles. But, it is quite easy to do given that you have little skills one electrical engineering processes. We still think that we should share this with you because you can have a handmade lampshade. You just have to be sure that you were careful enough with the DIY activity.

    For this technique, we recommend that you use tall liquor bottles to truly showcase it. You don’t have to buy new lamps as your old one will do. Think of this as a way to revamp your home decorative pieces to freshen up your bedroom.

    Based on your preferences, you can either paint and redesign the bottles into an adorable lamp base. You, can, however, stick to the original design of the bottle, which can be made into a vintage decor.

    3. Create Self-Watering Planters

    We’ve seen liquor bottles as flower vases and planters. But, this technique challenges your gardening game. Although self-watering plants sound so scientific, the process behind it is actually simple. It has been done and even preferred by some gardeners and growers.

    The thread called the wick (similar to that of a candle) is buried to the oil and then remaining hanging portion is dipped down into the water (as seen on photo). The water will then stream up to the soil to moisten it through the hanging wick. Thus, it gives the plants their water requirements.

    To keep a healthy plant, you have to keep on refilling it every time the water dries out. It is a low-cost project with a low-maintenance requirement. This technique also doesn’t look unappealing. In fact, it is very trendy and eco-friendly at the same time.

    4. Hang Them As Chandeliers

    Forget about buying super expensive chandeliers when you can make your own Pinterest worthy hanging bottle lights. This technique is a perfect fit to modern kitchens (or wherever you want to place it).

    You don’t have to finish off as many bottles in one setting. The fun part is collecting the desired number of wine bottles that you want to hang. There are tutorials to help you with the specific process of creating chandeliers or you can ask someone to make it for you. We just want to share this idea to inspire you to recycle your bottles instead of throwing them away.

    Whether you are using white or yellow lights, the bottles will dilute and modify how the light is reflected outside. Often times it gives you the feel of a stylish restaurant or hotel. But, the good thing is that you don’t have to spend too much.

    5. As Home For Your Pet Fish

    If your workstation looks a little lifeless, then it's probably time to put life on it (like literally a life). How? The photo may have answered it for you. But, a liquor bottle can help enliven your workspace by transforming it into a fish tank.

    First, you have to choose a fish that will not grow so big such that your chosen bottle is enough for it. We also recommend that you use the transparent and circular or round bottles that resemble a fish bowl because these are bigger. However, cylindrical bottles are suited as well provided that the fish will live healthy inside it.

    After cleaning the bottle, you can place colorful pebbles. The small stones do not only make the tank look more alive, but it serves as a filter to waste and home good bacteria. It can even be a home for your pet fish.

    Final Thought

    What more could you ask for with a clean storage and an upgraded home? More wine, maybe to celebrate the success of your project?

    If you have queries for us, don’t hesitate to comment below. We also want to hear if you have more tricks up your sleeve to convert liquor bottles into another useful thing.

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