What Is The Best Dremel Tool in 2017 (A Buyer's Guide)

    Choosing the best Dremel tool is an activity that even the old timers or professionals consider a difficult challenge. With hundreds of products on the market, choosing the tool with most accessories or selecting the most expensive or buying the branded ones will not always mean a good purchase.

    In buying your Dremel tool, you need to be informed and well guided to get the value for your money. The key point is getting what you really need and not just a bunch of stuff you will leave these dusting on your workshop.

    To help you with your purchase, here is a list of the 5 best Dremel tool with its advantages and disadvantages. We also added a brief guide to assist you on the best uses and the criteria you need to look for in a Dremel tool.

    Your Buyer’s Guide

    Who Can Use The Dremel?

    Basically, anyone who has projects from cutting, sanding or engraving can enjoy the convenience of Dremel tools. The tool may look and feel overwhelming on the first look, but it can be used by both beginners and professionals alike.

    The purpose of using a Dremel tool is to give you control and precision for the project, While it also affords more power and speed than the manual handwork process. So using this tool makes your craft easier, faster and produces quality results.

    Here are a few things you need to know and understand before purchasing your first or next Dremel tool.

    Best Uses of the Dremel Tool

    For newbies (and not so new users), the Dremel tool is handy for a lot of home or professional projects. The various accessories afford you with the most tricky work with more power, ease, and proficiency.


    Via Hobby

    One accessory of the Dremel tool is a circular and tubular attachment that works like sandpaper. It is useful for sanding or smoothing the surfaces of any material you are working on (like wood and metal).

    The good thing about having Dremel tool for sanding is its capability to work on minuscule materials. So it allows you to form intricate designs.


    Whether you are working with metal, wood or glass, the Dremel tool has an attachment that can be used for cutting. You can choose from the wheel cutter (on photo) or the straight bit for your cutting activity.

    The wheel is more suited for the delicate cutting activity, while the straight bit is useful for general cutting. Like the sanding process, the advantage of having this attachment is that you can work on even the smallest project.


    If you have heirlooms that are in dire need of a little polishing, then the Dremel tool polishing attachment will be a good tool to help you with. Also, this can be a powerful tool to clean places at home that cannot be reached with your small cleaning brush.

    The advantage of having a Dremel to do the work is the power it can give. Compared to your strong arms, this can provide more efficiency with the process.


    Via ToolGuyd

    You may think that a strong tool as a Dremel cannot work on a fragile material as glass. But, it can produce wonderful engraving designs on glass and porcelain.

    The attachment may not be very useful for households. The engraving accessory is an essential accessory for crafters and professionals.

    Purchasing Criteria

    Electric or Cordless

    There are two major types of Dremel tools you can buy-- the electric and cordless. Now, what is the difference between the two?

    • The electric Dremel tool will require you to plug-in the equipment at all times to power it up. That is, you will have limited mobility as the tool is connected to the outlet. But, the good thing about this is that you have an unlimited time to work (so long as there is electricity available). Since the tool does not have to carry a power storage, it is relatively light.
    • One the other hand, the cordless type of Dremel tool provides greater portability because you don’t have to plug the tool while working. The disadvantage of this tool is its limited work time since it is only powered a rechargeable battery. Also, it is heavier since there is an attached battery. The cordless Dremel tool, unlike the electrical ones, cannot work for larger projects that have longer time work to exert


    Via Dremel

    Different Dremel tools are tailored for specific projects. The equipment can be used for wood, metal or glass work. Although the Dremel can be used for these kinds of project, there is a specific Dremel tool that is perfectly suited for certain craft work. We recommend that you take into consideration the kind of project you are doing before choosing your Dremel tool.


    You may want to get the Dremel tool with all the accessories available. But, that may not be economical if you have no use for the other attachments. In relation to your project, we recommend that you choose the Dremel tool with the accessories that is most useful to you. This is especially true for beginners.

    There are Dremel tools with 100 or 50 accessories included upon purchase. Depending on your needs, you don’t have to purchase the tool with most accessories. The basic tools will do for first timers. The key point is that you should buy the accessories you need for the project then you can add more later on.

    Top 5 Best Dremel Tool

    1. Dremel 4000-6/50 Variable-Speed Rotary Tool With 50 Accessories

    Via Amazon

    It includes 50 attachments or accessories that allow you to do more for your project even with a single purchase.

    Its weight helps with the tool handling and keeps users in control of the tool. This is appropriate when working with small projects.

    This tool includes a flex-shaft that will give more assistance to you while working on very tiny attachments. Thus, it gives you the precision you need when working on small or sophisticated materials.

    Since the product is not cordless, you are secured that there is consistency in the work you are doing and you will not lose your momentum.


    • 50 attachments or accessories.
    • It is relatively lightweight with its 5.8 lbs weight. 
    • Support to work on very tiny attachments.
    • This Dremel tool is an electric type that is best for ensuring the consistency of the work.


    • There is an issue with its casing, which appears and feels to be in bad quality. 
    • Issues with turning it on and off, where there are times that the tool will not immediately turn on.
    • A trivial, but still a concern is the durability of the case. It wears out easily, hence posing a danger to losing your parts and accessories.

    2. Kawasaki 840589 190-Piece Rotary Tool and Accessory Kit

    Via Amazon

    The Dremel tool includes several accessories to cater to our different projects whether it for sanding, polishing or cutting.

    It also has various speed you can choose from. So depending on the kind of work you are doing, this gives you the ability to control your work.

    This Dremel tool also helps in lessens the tendency of getting a strain with your hands.


    • Sanding, griding, cutting and polishing attachments.
    • Various speed (8,000-30,000 no load RPM)
    • The body and handling piece feels great and comfortable with your hands.
    • As compared to competitors, it belongs to a lower price range. But, it can still produce good quality of work.
    • Important feature that we like about this is the decent container or casing.


    • It has a relatively short cord or wire, which may limit with working on and around the projects.
    • The overall quality of the project looks in poor quality.
    • This Dremel tool also heats up faster.
    • The tool has strong vibrations making it shaky. This is a big problem when the Dremel tool is used with small materials and for difficult tasks as cutting and engraving.

    3. Dremel 8220-1/28 12 Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

    Via Amazon

    Provides you with a wide range of power options while performing tasks, which gives you greater control and versatility for working on different projects.

    Since it is cordless, you are given more mobility to work around your project.

    It has an ergonomic design that allows that further gives you control over the tool.

    The tool is easy to use with the easy-open twist cap. So when you are doing a project that will require multiple attachments, the accessories are painless to change and reattach.


    •  Wide range of power options
    • Mobility to work around your project.
    • It is small enough for you to hold it like a pen. 
    • The tool is easy to use with the easy-open twist cap.
    • The tool works smoothly and quietly adding to the precision of the result.


    • With its 1.5 mAh, it is not suitable for long work time such as that of professionals projects. 
    • When this Dremel tool is compared to the manual tools for intricate design, you may find this to be bulky. It will feel weird and too big if you are used to the small engraving tools.
    • This Dremel tool is also on the heavier side since it has a battery included in the body.

    4. Black & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX Rotary Tool Kit

    Via Amazon

    It has three speed (12,000; 24,000 and 30,000 rpm) which is excellent for control over the tool and achieving the goal of its usage.

    Instead of a button, this Dremel tool has a ‘flip-and-lock’ mechanism for changing the attachments. Thus, changing from one accessory to another is fast and convenient. The lock switch ensures that the tool will not turn on when changing the attachments while securing the accessories when at work.

    The body design has rubberized gripping to add more control of the tool. This feature helps in minimizing tension of the hands, most especially when working longer hours on your project.


    • 5 Accessories.
    • 3 speed (12,000/24,000/30,000 RPM)
    • ‘Flip-and-lock’ mechanism for changing the attachments.
    • Rubberized gripping.
    • Less vibrations when in use, which is excellent for your hands and control.
    • Although not a Dremel brand, it is compatible with Dremel accessories.


    • The tool is not as durable as its counterparts or competitors.
    • This Dremel tool is not cordless, which means it needs to be attached to an outlet through a wire. Thus, it has limited portability.
    • When used in long duration, the tool becomes warm.
    • There is also quick wearing out of the nuts of the tool.

    5. Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool

    Via Amazon

    It is very lightweight weighing only 1.1 lbs. The weight is a very good feature for you since it helps with minimizing the pressure of our hands when working with the tool.

    The tool is also cordless which means you can move from one place to another when doing larger projects.

    It has a quiet motor, which gives you comfort when using. This is a big bonus when using it on your dog’s nails so it would not scare them.


    • It includes 8 attachments that are perfect when your project require different accessories for it to be completed.
    • 2 speed (6,500 and 13,000 RPM)
    • Lightweight plastic housing.
    • It has a quiet motor, which gives you comfort when using.
    • It is smaller than the usual Dremel tool, which is suitable to those with less strength to work on a heavy Dremel.


    • It is hard to insert or attach the accessories. This is a disadvantage since it poses as hazards for the user as a complex process needs to be done.
    • The battery drains very fast.

    Our Choice

    With the research and review of the Dremel tools, we’ve come up with the 5 best tools. From these amazing equipment, the Dremel 4000-6/50 120-Volt Variable-Speed Rotary Tool with 50 Accessories rise above the four other Dremel tools.

    Although it is an electrical Dremel tool, it has good performance with its 50 accessories or attachments. The Dremel tool is best used for small and complex tasks like sanding, engraving, polishing and cutting among many other. These are just the basic tasks you can do, and with the inclusion of 50 accessories, you get to do more.

    Also, we mentioned that you should invest in the basic accessories and our chosen Dremel provides you with the ones that you need and even more. So the Dremel tool is much versatile than others. Thus, you can work on different projects or a complex one that needs different attachments.

    You also have a good deal when it comes to controlling the tool. Unlike the cordless Dremel tool, it has a lightweight feature. Aside from it, this tool also has a flex-shaft design that perfectly fits your hand when working.

    The tool may have issues like the turning off and on. It can be remedied with understanding and familiarizing with how the tool works.

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