5 Amazingly Functional Ways on What To Do With Old Bed Sheets

    Have you experience almost falling over your pile of bed sheets. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, there is no need to fuss over how to get rid of them. You actually don’t have to throw them away. The old bed sheets that you’ve kept for so long are ideal for a lot of home activities. Here are some of the functional ways on what to do with old bed sheets

    1. Sew It Into A Dress

    We’ve laughed ourselves out when Princess Giselle from Enchanted cut Robert’s curtain into a dress. The good news is you can also feel like a princess! But, feeling like a royalty won’t require wasting a good curtain. You can make use of those old bed sheets instead.

    Bed sheets provide a generous amount of material to be transformed into a simple dress. It is an added point if you have vintage or adorable patterns on your sheets to turn in into an amazing piece of wardrobe.

    You have the option to sew it yourself or bring your fabric to your dressmaker. There are a lot of patterns online for complex and simple dresses you follow if you want to make your own. But, you can also bring your chosen patterns to your tailor for them to follow.

    2. Have It As Car Maintenance Tool

    Surprisingly, your bed sheets can turn into a purposeful tool when cleaning your car. There are several ways to use from wiping to preventing dust to gather around your car. Here are some:

    • You can use bed sheets is to wipe dirt from your car. We understand that car owners like yourself have these special cloths to clean the body of your car. What we are referring to is the underbelly of your vehicle and the engines. These areas are exposed to dirt every day, and stubborn particles clung to them. Thus, a bed sheet is a powerful cleaning material to wipe out that clingy mess.
    • Another thing you can do with your sheets is for you to lie on them when working on your car. You can even bring it with you in a case of road maintenance emergencies.

    3. Use As Environment-Friendly Gift Wrappers

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    Your bed sheets are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper gift wraps. It is a creative and stylish wrapping material, which you don’t have to spend so much on.

    The sheets are very versatile material, which you can use it to wrap a big box or a tiny present. But, the issue with this fabric is that it is made of a complex material that the usual tape can be useless.

    You don’t have to be hindered with this issue because there are a lot of ways to secure the sheets. The sheets itself can be tied up, which you cannot do with paper wrappers. You can also use ribbons to tie them up. All that you need is a little creativity and resourcefulness to achieve a charming wrap that is a present in itself.

    4. Turn Them Into Strong Shopping Bags

    Many supermarkets are replacing plastic grocery bags with paper ones. But, we often have issues that these are not strong enough to hold all our purchases. The problem is especially true when we have wet items with us. We are pushed to buy the eco-friendly bags, which sometimes are also not tough.

    The answer to your dilemma is a shopping bag made from your old bed sheets. Fabric material of the sheets is already durable to carry your groceries. The challenge here is how to sew the sheets to ensure that it does not break with the weight. Like the dress, you can sew it yourself or bring it to an expert.

    Now, you don’t have to buy bags because one sheet can make several bags. But, you can make them into extra large ones so it can carry as much.

    5. As Cover Ups For Your Plants

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    If you have delicate plants and the weather in your area gets really cold, then this set-up is for your needs. Your old bed sheets are perfect to serve as a cover up for a blanket for your plants during the cold weather. There is no need to spend so much or come running to a store to get some covers.

    Mary Caldwell of AJC.com quoted Walter Reeves, a gardner stating that when the cold weather hits plants need to be cover keep them heated. The cover will contain the heat similar to how we use our blankets and comforters.

    Final Thought

    The bed sheets are enough to warm the plants in slightly cold weathers. But, during colder days, you can add more items like plastic wrapping for additional warmth. There are several ways to use the sheets to warm your plants depending on your garden setting as well as the actual weather.

    See, you don’t really have to throw the sheets. You just need the right inspiration to turn them into something useful. If there are other ways that you know of to repurpose your bed sheets, we’d love to hear from you. For queries, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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