Your Guide in Choosing The Best Tool Boxes

    Being organized makes our tasks easier and faster. One of the few things we’ve learned is to keep similar or related things together. With tools and maintenance materials, it is not enough to simply pile them together. You will just end up being frustrated because you cannot finish the task fast enough.

    Hence the answer to the problem is having a good tool box. However, it is not enough to have a just a tool box. There are many factors you need to weigh in. So, here are a few things to guide you when choosing the best tool boxes.

    Your Buyer’s Guide

    Storage Requirement

    Our primary consideration in looking for a tool box is the storage capacity. That is, it is important to consider how much tools you need to store. This pertains to the weight capacity as well as the depth of the tool box.

    Some of the households have the basic and simple tools such as screwdrivers, dremel, and hammer among the smaller-sized tools. Thus, having these tools may only require a small or regular-sized tool box. However, if you have bigger and heavier tools, you might need a larger and heavy-duty tool box.

    You have the choice of a deep and shallow drawers. Deep drawers can be useful to fit in the longer and bigger tools. On the other hand, the shallow drawers may be used for the smaller tools.

    Some of the tool boxes have as many as five drawers or storage bays or have two levels of storage space. Depending on what you need, you can have a deep but lesser drawers or shallow but many drawers. Thus, it is very important to know as accurately as possible your storage needs.


    There are now a lot of choices for the kind of material that is used to make the tool box. Each of these materials has its advantage and drawbacks in relation to its purpose as tool containers. In selecting the right tool box, it is also essential that you take notice of what kind of materials is the tool box made of.

    Plastic Tool Boxes

    Some of the tool boxes you will find in the market are made of plastic materials. Plastic tool boxes are preferred by other users because of its lightweight feature. There are even instances, wherein the plastic tool box costs less than steel or aluminum ones.

    A drawback, however, of plastic tool boxes is its durability. Plastic can easily break or melt, especially when exposed to heat and extreme weight. Thus, plastic tool boxes are relatively ideal for household use. If your use for the tool box is mostly for the home, you might want to consider a plastic tool box.

    Steel Tool Boxes

    For others, the prefer the steel-made tool boxes. Steel, unlike other materials, is more durable and solid. It has a high tolerance against denting. Thus, it not only provides a good look but also ensures that the tools inside are safe.

    There are steel tool boxes that are coated to prevent rust. It will ensure that the tool box will have a longer life because over time the product will wear off.

    A drawback of steel tool boxes is its weight. Compared to the plastic ones, the steel material is quite heavy. This may be an issue with when you want to more portability with your tool boxes.

    Aluminum Tool Boxes

    Aluminum tool boxes are comparatively lightweight than the steel counterpart. But, it is relatively more durable than the plastic material (in most instances). It may seem that aluminum has the best qualities of the steel and plastic tool boxes. Hence, you may also want to consider having this type of tool box if you want lightweight and durable.


    Another feature that you have to understand before buying tool boxes is the mobility or portability it affords. Tool boxes can come either as hand carry, rolling or those that are most ideal for stationary purposes.

    Our research on tool boxes has revealed that aside from the hand carried ones, there are also the rolling, and the tool boxes that are mounted on the truck or benches. There are also those that are considered as chests or cabinets.

    The scope of our product review focuses on the small-scale tool box needs (as home and individual usage). We consider that mounted and cabinet kinds of tool boxes are another categories.

    Hand carry tool boxes are those tool boxes that we are mostly familiar with. These type of tool box is small and light enough that you can carry with your hands. Thus, it gives you greater mobility. Hand carry tool boxes may be ideal for those who provides repair services or for home use.

    But, the issue with hand carry tool boxes is that it is a little smaller. Some of the large tools may not all be fit into the hand carry tool box. If you have so many tools, the hand carry tool box may not accommodate a few of them.

    You also have a choice of rolling tool boxes. We all are familiar with travel luggage that has wheels to carry around your things. In the same vein, the rolling tool box resembles a stroller bag, wherein which you will place all your tools.

    If you have heavy tools or you need to move a lot of our tools, the rolling tool box is the most convenient way.

    Top 5 Best Tool Boxes

    1. Gladiator GarageWorks GATR27V5WG-5 Drawer Roll Away

    Via Amazon


    • The tool box is strongly welded together, which give better support for your tools. It can even hold up to 1000 lbs of weight. The weight capacity is large enough to carry large and heavy tools.
    • It has five drawers of varying sizes that can hold tools of different size, form and length. You can store flat or rounded tools.
    • The drawers use a ball-bearing slide, which gives it a fluid movement when opening and closing the drawers.
    • Since tools are quite expensive, this rolling tool box has a lock and key to secure your tools.
    • It has smooth wheels. So, you can move the tool box with less effort.


    • The drawers are quite difficult to close. These drawers open when there are placed on unleveled ground. Thus, you need to properly close them or exert more effort on it.
    • The locking mechanism is also a little difficult to lock and open as it has issues with the proper key fitting.

    2. Keter Masterloader Portable Organizer Solution

    Via Amazon


    • It is made with polypropylene resin that can resist chemical hazards. Thus, giving the product more durability although it is not made from steel or aluminum.
    • The two wheels are coupled with an extendible arm or lever, so it will be easy to pull or push the tool box.
    • There are three large storage bays for various tools. The other one is a shallow compartment used for smaller-sized tools. Its other storage space has individual bins that can hold delicate and tiny tools and materials. The lower storage space is deep and big for the large tools.
    • To secure the tools, it is designed with a central automatic locking system.
    • The frames of the box are strong enough to hold heavy and big tools. These frames complement the large lower storage space.


    • There is an issue with the handle as it is stubborn to pull.
    • You have to exert extra care when handling the clasp as it looks frail.

    3. DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK Deep Box

    Via Amazon


    • The box has two levels of for storage to keep different tools. These storage areas can accommodate both large and small tools.
    • The tool box comes with a tray that serves as the upper storage level. The tray has an adaptive platform that can store different forms of tools.
    • The lower level storage is big and deep. It can be used to store bulky tools as big as drills.
    • You can buy more boxes as each box is ready to stack with another box through hinges and latches. Thus, it allows you to store more tools.
    • The box can load up to 44 lbs of weight, which is decent enough for a hand carry tool box.
    • It is lightweight, which will be easy to carry around.


    • There are issues that latches seems to have poor quality. It can easily break, thus, you need always to mind the weight of the tools contained in the box.
    • It appears that the plastic material of the tool box is not very durable.

    4. Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Toolbox

    Via Amazon


    • The tool box is made of steel, which is durable and strong enough to resist adverse forces as heat and dents among others.
    • It has a double door mechanism that automatically opens to the first level of storage space. This first level area is divided into ten compartments to fit small tools and materials.
    • The second level storage is deep and large to contain bulky tools and equipment. It does not have compartments, which is an advantage to provide storage versatility.
    • It has two handles for hand carry which is used to move the hinges.
    • The hinges move smoothly for easy open and close movement.


    • The toolbox is, however, small. The size is a problem when you have much or large-sized tools you need to store.
    • The compartments on the first level storage area are also small and not very deep. It cannot store or hold longer and bulkier tools.

    5. Excel TB123-Red 16-Inch Cantilever Steel Tool Box

    Via Amazon


    • It has five level storage areas. There is four space stacked on top plus a large bottom lower space.
    • The four separate compartments allow you to segregate your tools for convenient organization of them.
    • It is a hand carried a tool box, which is quite impressive considering that it has five storage areas.
    • The tool box is easy to move around or carry around with is a thin lever.
    • The toolbox storage spaces are connected with hinges, which when opening the box will also automatically layout the all the compartments.
    • The tool box is finished with a powder coating that is more resistant to wearing off and chipping. Thus, the tool box may last long with proper care.


    • Some may find the trays do not spread out wide enough. You may have issues with reaching to the tools on the trays on the lower area.
    • There may be issues of stubborn opening and closing of the tool box.

    Our Recommendation

    From among the five products we’ve reviewed and based on the buying criteria, the Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution rise as our top choice. It affords greater mobility because of its wheels, while also having more storage for the tools.

    The tool box is ideal for both household and professional use, especially when having many tools. The toolbox is built with high quality the guarantees durable storage for heavy materials. You can have a have-all area for all the repair and maintenance equipment and materials. The security for the tools is also commendable to ensure that all tools are secured.

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