4 Shocking Ways on How to Keep Bugs Away from Porch Light

    Throughout evolution, insects have used the moonlight to guide their nighttime navigation. But, with the development of electricity insects are tricked with the bright light. Thus, they are lured towards it.

    For us, this is a bothersome phenomenon that causes issues with healthy living. Some insects may be a carrier of viruses that is harmful to us. We don’t want flocks of insects flying our homes. Hence, we compiled four methods on how to keep bugs away from porch light.

    1. By Spicing It Up

    By literally and figuratively spicing up your porch, you can keep the bugs away from swarming to your porch light. You may be confused as to how and why? But, the process is fairly simple, and the “science” behind it is uncomplicated as well.

    Using a small bag made from thin fabric, you can place in a combination of herbs and spices that are known to repel the bugs. Some of the spices you can include in your bag are nutmeg, bay leaf, lavender and vanilla (or its extract).

    These spices produce a certain odor that is repugnant to the bugs. In effect, the insects tend to stay away from them. So, placing a small bag of spices near your porch light can help keep them out. These spices can also give a heavenly smell around your home.

    2. By Blowing Them Away

    When bugs bother us especially during summer nights, we bring out our electric fans to keep them from flying around us. We think that the air movement shoos away these lightweight flying creatures. This may be the case considering that fans create strong “winds.”

    But, the ultra powerful air from the fan is not the sole reason why this repel the bugs. The fan does not only flew out the bugs with mere powerful air. But, it also scatters out the carbon dioxide, which humans secrete. The carbon dioxide is one of the particles that attracts the bugs.

    Once a ceiling fan is placed near the porch light, it will disperse the carbon dioxide away from it. Thus, diverting the attention of the bugs towards the scattered CO2 and away from the porch light. The key here is installing the fan near the light to ensure the effectiveness of this method.

    3. By Lighting Up A Candle

    Aside from the magical bag of spice, you can make bug repelling a little exciting and dramatic with scented candles. This may seem a bit off taking into consideration that a candle also creates light that can attract the bugs. What will keep them away is a certain scent that emanates from the candle.

    You can light candles with fragrances that are vile for the bugs. Your choices include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme, lemongrass and so many others. Essential oil from these plants is deemed effective bug repellent.

    When searching for ways to keep bugs away from your porch light, you may come across citronella candles or other forms of repellant having this element. But, we don’t recommend using candles with this fragrance.

    Several studies testing different repellents against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes have shown that it is ineffective. Hence, you may use other candles around your porch to lessen the flocking of bugs to your outdoor lights.

    4. By Using Bug Zappers

    Getty Images/Bryan Allen

    The bug zapper is an another household appliance besides ceiling fans that you can use to ‘bug’ off these flying insects from the porch light. I remembered being startled by the sudden buzzing of this violet-lighted equipment when it electrocutes the bugs. Yes, it kills the insects by frying them to death. Hence, the sizzling sound.

    Bug zapper is an extreme measure that we don’t normally abide because of its ethical issues. But, it can be an option for you if things go out of hand.

    It first attracts the bugs through the ultraviolet light from the zapper. The biological makeup of the bug’s eyes causes their allure towards the light. Once the bug is drawn near the zapper, it will electrocute it with the high voltage wiring of the zapper.

    Households often have bug zappers for mosquitoes that are placed on the floor. Since the light is placed on top, you can hang a zapper near it. Thus, you can have smaller ones near your porch light to keep the bugs from flying around it. 

    The good thing about modern bug zapper is that it comes in different designs and sizes. Also, you can purchase a beautifully designed and small-sized zapper to reduce the visual clutter.candle, which you consider as a delightful scent.

    Final Thought

    Bugs are one of the great creations in this world. But, sometimes we need to take precautionary measures for us to co-exist without harming one and another. These four are just among the easiest way to keep the bugs from gathering around your home.

    There may be other methods that you know to help with the issue. Don’t think twice of sharing those thoughts as we also love to learn from you.

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