Easy Ways on How to Create A Do-it-Yourself Gumball Vending Machine

    Adding more fun and creativity in eating sweet candies can never be more easy and enjoyable than creating your own gumball vending machine at home. Even with an old cardboard box, this project is really very doable. On top of that, this craft can be done in minutes and safe for kids too.

    In your free time, take the kids with you. Whether they be your own, your siblings or the ones you’re babysitting, this exciting project can keep them occupied and productive. It can also be added to their toy collection that they can play for hours.

    Take a look at our step-by-step procedure and see how the fun unfolds.

    Materials You Need For The Project

    • Cardboard Boxes
    • Large Popsicle Sticks
    • A Jar Of Gumball Candies
    • Rubber Bands
    • 50 Cents
    • Jar Or Container For The Candy

    Tools For This Craft

    Your DIY Guide

    1. Creating The Gear

    Step 1: Create three circle cardboard sheets.

    Step 2: Using your 50 cents coin and ruler, create and cut a round hat figure on the edge of one of the circle sheets. This will be the base or foundation of the vending machine’s gear.

    Set it on the side first and work on the next Steps.

    Step 3: Cover the cut side with thin strips of a popsicle stick.

    Step 4: From the remaining round sheets of you made from Step 1, cover both sides of the gear with the two round sheets. See picture to guide you:

    Step 5: Drill a hole in the center of the gear.

    Step 6: On a square sheet of cardboard, drill a hole in its center with the gear aligned to it. Keep a pencil on the drilled hole to keep it propped up so it will be easy to work on it.

    2. Creating The Rectangular Knob/ Stopper

    Step 7: Cut a rectangular sheet of cardboard.

    Step 8: Glue small 2 strips of cardboard sideways on the 2 longer sides of the rectangle sheet from Step 7. It should look like the image on the side.

    Step 9: Now, grab your popsicle sticks and cut them into smaller pieces. You need to follow the measurement of the rectangular cardboard sheet from Step 7. The popsicle stick will serve as the stopper of the gear.

    Step 10: Glue the 2 cut pieces of popsicle sticks at the center of the rectangular sheet.

    Step 11: Once the popsicle sticks are glued and dried, glue two more small strips horizontally aligned with the shorter ends of the knob.

    Step 12: Glue 2 smaller strips of popsicle stick on the middle top of the knob.

    Step 13: You are now ready to glue the knob on the upper left side of the base of the vending machine.

    Step 14: On both sides of the knob, glue two small 3-layered pieces of popsicle sticks. The second layer should be shorter than the top and bottom layer because where the rubber band will be looped later on.

    Step 15: On the upper left side of the gear, glue a small triangular shape from a popsicle.

    Step 16: Attach a rubber band to the three areas to form a triangle:

    1. At the center of the rectangular knob.

    2. Extending towards the two 3-layered small popsicle sticks from Step 14.

    3. On the popsicle stick on middle top of the knob.

    Make sure it is aligned with the bigger popsicle stick in the center of the knob. To help you, see the image below:

    3. Making The Gumball Candy Round Conveyor Cart

    Step 17: Cut again two more round sheets of cardboard

    Step 18: Cut a long strip of cardboard and softly cut it until the middle part. Make sure that the cut will not slice through the bottom of the strip. This will be used as the gumball candy container when done. It should look like this.

    Step 19: On the back side of the cardboard strip, softly cut the back side. See image below.

    Step 20: Following the cuts of the strip, glue it sideways on one of the round sheets from Step 17. You have to make sure that you create a small square concave the gumball candy will be housed.

    See image for your reference:

    Step 21: Cover the other end of this round conveyor cart with the other round sheet.

    It will look and function like this:

    Step 22: Drill a hole in the center of the conveyor and pierce it along with the gear and center foundation of the vending machine. Make sure that you glue the pencil to secure the machine.

    4. Making The Front Body Of The Gumball Vending Machine

    Step 23: Now, cut the center foundation of the vending machine into an ‘A’ figure. It should look like this:

    Step 24: Cut another big square sheet of cardboard to serve as the bottom foundation of the machine.

    Step 25: Glue the center foundation and the gears of the machine upwards in the middle of the bottom foundation. See image for reference:

    Step 26: Glue a small square sheet of cardboard on the upper side of the gear and beside the knob.

    Step 27: On the left side of the glue a rectangular sheet of cardboard sideways, where the coin will slide through.

    Step 28: Insert a square cart on the rectangular opening of the center foundation of the machine. This will serve as the chute for the gumball candy, so make sure that both ends are open.

    5. Working On The Back End Of The Machine

    Step 29: Glue a square sheet of cardboard on the right side of the gear. This will be the candy slide.

    Step 30: On the upper part of the gear, glue a funnel made from cardboard. This will serve as the chute for the candy from the container that will be placed on top of the machine.

    6. Covering The Machine

    Step 31: To cover the machine, glue triangular sheets of cardboard upwards on the edge of the bottom foundation.

    Step 32: Before gluing the one side of left side of the machine (forward facing the machine), cut an opening where the coin drawer will be placed later. Thus, it is important to cut the side cover where the coin slides (as seen on Step 27).

    Step 33: Create a drawer that will fit the opening of the side cover from Step 32. A drawer you can make is something that will resemble an actual drawer from a cabinet.

    7. Creating The Chute For The Coin

    Step 34: Cut a rectangular sheet of cardboard and cut a square that will fit the 50 cents coin you for the vending machine.

    Step 35: Glue strips of cardboard on the longer side of the sheet to prevent the coin from falling off inside the vending machine.

    Set is aside first.

    8. Making The Front Covering Of The Gumball Vending Machine

    Step 36: To cover the front end of the machine, cut a triangular sheet of cardboard similar to the other three you made earlier.

    Step 37: Before gluing the sheet, cut open the upper part of the sheet for the coin slot.

    Step 38: Below the coin slot, cut an opening where the rejected coin falls out.

    Step 39: Drill a hole in the center of the sheet, where the pencil from Step 22 can pass through. The protruding part of the pencil is where the outer knob will be glued later.

    9. Working On The Gumball Candy Jar

    Step 40: If the gumball candy does not come with a jar, you can use any jar you have at home. Now, cut half of the yin-yang symbol on the cover of the jar.

    Step 41: Cut a square sheet of cardboard.

    Step 42: Trace the yin-yang symbol on the cardboard sheet and cut it open.

    Step 43: After cutting, glue the sheet and the jar cover aligning the openings.

    Step 44: Pour in the gumball candies on the jar and cover it with the cover and cardboard combo from Step 43.

    Step 45: To attach the body of the vending machine and the jar, turn the body upside down and glue them together.

    9. Making The Outer Knob Of The Gumball

    Step 46: Cut two rectangular strips of cardboard, and cut a curve on both ends.

    Step 47: Glue the sheets together.

    Step 48: Drill a hole in the center of the knob.

    Step 49: Glue the knob on the protruding pencil on the front part of the vending machine.

    10. Finishing

    Place labels or designs on the front and body of the machine.

    See the video tutorial here:

    Final Thought

    Congratulations for making it through the end! Following the steps may take you more than five minutes, but we hope you enjoyed the project as we had fun sharing this with you. Now, you will have another craft activity right on your sleeve to keep children engaged and enjoying themselves while learning an art.

    For inquiries about this project, let us know in the comments section below the post. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to share the joys of arts and craft.

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